Mediation is an excellent alternative to litigation or arbitration. As an unbiased, neutral third-party, a mediator works with parties in conflict to facilitate open and respectful communication in a safe space. Restore Family Support Services empowers individuals  to craft an agreement that is sustainable, "win-win" and keeps you out of court.

The initial consultation with all parties is the first step in the mediation process. Once parties agree to mediation, pre-mediation forms must be completed and returned. Mediations are scheduled for a half (4hrs) or full( 8hrs), unless other arrangements are made. 

Service Fee- $100/hour

*Mediations are scheduled in half day (4hrs) or full day( 8hrs). Additional hours will be billed at the hourly rate.

Parent Education

Parents are always growing and learning. Parent education should be informative and nonjudgmental.  We aim to support you in  being the best parent possible by providing helpful and convenient classes on a variety of topics including: Co-operative Parenting, How to Talk so Kids Will Listen, and Supporting Your Student Academically. The focus of Restore Family Support Services is to give you new tools and techniques to help you parent with success. 

All classes require pre-registration and will be held at the Round Rock office location. Certificates of Completion will be provided upon course completion.

Service Fee-  varies


guardian Ad Litem

A Guardian Ad Litem is a  court- appointed  child advocate,  representing  the  best interest of the child in high conflict family court cases. The investigation, recommendations and testimony provided to the court are critical in assisting judges in decision that can affect conservatorship, possession, and access.

The parties will be required to provide a court order and additional documents at the request of the Guardian Ad Litem prior to the start of the case. It is important to understand that the GAL does not work for either parent or the attorneys, but is appointed to represent the best interest of the child and works for the court.

Service Fee- $100/hour  (retainer required)


Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation is designed to foster a safe and positive experience between the child and their parents,  free from personal or court conflicts that can negatively impact the child emotionally, physically, or mentally. Visits can take place in our Round Rock office, the community,  or in a family home in some cases.

Each parent is required to complete a 45-minute orientation prior to the first visit. Intake paperwork will need to be completed and given to the supervisor for review during orientation along with a court order. 

Service Fee- $50/hour 


Sliding Scale Available for Eligible Parties